Helen and Michael Redding, Sr. founded the Christopher D. Redding Youth Asthma Foundation in memory of their son, Christopher D. Redding who passed away from an asthma attack in November 2003. Chris had been diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma about two years prior to the attack that took his life. While he was in high school, he had suffered an asthma episode at a track and field practice and was briefly hospitalized. He was prescribed medication, but rarely used it. To everyone, including Chris, it seemed like an isolated incident.

Chris’ dedication to sports helped earn him a running back position on the Drake University football team.  Thanksgiving weekend of Chris’ first year at college, tragedy struck the Redding family. Chris collapsed and died of an asthma attack while out running for exercise. We were all shocked. After all, Chris was strong of body and spirit. He could have never succumbed to a disease like asthma. Asthma wasn’t a serious disease—it wasn’t a killer. 

The CDR Youth Asthma Foundation is committed to create an environment that lessens the potentially adverse health effects on asthmatic youth engaged in athletics and recreational activities. We educate and provide access to life-saving devices to student athletes, coaches, and families in Illinois’ highest risk communities where environmental factors and lifestyles contribute to asthmatic conditions.

The Impact of Asthma in Illinois

- 13.6 percent of children in Illinois currently have asthma
- National asthma guidelines recommend that persons with asthma seek at least 2 routine checkups per year
- 37.3 percent of children with asthma had at least 2 routine checkups in the past 12 months
- 76.5 percent
of children do not have their asthma under control